Morning sun in an abandoned structure at Fort Tilden, NY,

End of trail rope leading to beach with  Surf Club in the distance. Fort Tilden, NY.
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Wood piling sculpted by the Atlantic Ocean.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Wood and support sculpted by the Atlantic Ocean.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Fisherman walks Rockaway Beach.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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End of path leading to the beach,  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Weathered old pier.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Remains of old pier dividing the beach.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Textured sea glass shaped by ocean sand, wood piling with rusted support and barnacles.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Roof top corner of abandoned building,  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Weathered sign.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Chapel.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Incoming tide.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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Ocean water slams and splinters pier during storm.  Fort Tilden, NY.

Winter storm waters hit hard.  Fort Tilden, NY.

Water powerfully rushes over beach frontduring winter storm.  Fort Tilden, NY.
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